President-Executive Message – August 2023

Islam: the Perfect Divine Blessing

Assalamu alikum warahamatullah wabarakatu

My dear brothers and sisters,

As we approach the end of summer, families are preparing for back to school.  This is a time to recalibrate ourselves and focus on how we will navigate our lives with purpose.  This September, I want to invite you and your families to MACCON23 which is an experience for the entire family inshaAllah. 

This convention will bring authentic, grounded discussions about the topics that are most relevant to Muslim Canadians and offers a unique learning and family-based experience for three days, inshaAllah.  

This is an experience like no other and is for the whole family – it will include sessions with renowned Islamic scholars and speakers, workshops, a kid’s carnival, MAC Expo (bazaar and food), competitions and much more. It is an opportunity to engage in a discourse on how Islam cannot be compartmentalized or partially adopted, rather it presents real, viable, and much needed complete solutions for all facets of our lives. 

Here are some highlights of the convention programs: 

  • Main Program includes 4 streams: Islamic Thought, Family & Society, Community Building & Dawah, and Scholars’ Reflections. Click here for more details. 
  • Looking for a challenge? We are holding three unique MAC Convention Competitions (Arts, Reality Quest & Social Entrepreneurship). Winners will receive cash prizes, and more. Click here for more details
  • Are you an educator? The ‘Muslim Educators Learning Community Professional Development’ at MAC Convention 2023 will provide a vision of education based on Tarbiyah and Islamic Values. In order to help provide practical resources for Muslim educators, we have designed a specialized program for Islamic school and public school educators. Click here for more details
  • Build your leadership skills and learn how to effectively run a non-profit through MAC’s ‘Nonprofit Leadership Workshop‘ happening at MAC Convention 2023. Click here for more information
  • MSA Youth Sessions. Click here for more details.  

I invite all of us to come together as a community at MACCON23 to engage in conversations that really matter and envision a path forward that is grounded in Islam, the perfect, divine blessing. 

Your Brother,  

Abdullatif Bakbak, MAC President-Executive

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