Projects and Campaigns

Community building is at the heart of what we do, from school plays to interfaith and charitable work, MAC aims to create personal bonds between individuals to create a meaningful connection between neighbours to strengthen the social fabric of Canada.


EMAAN is a unique, one-of-a-kind celebration which gathers a diverse attendance reflecting the cultural mosaic of Islam and Canada. Muslim students are recognized with vibrant awards at an apex event of celebration and achievements. Many students strive to attain the grades necessary to achieve EMAAN academic and special recognition awards and last year almost 300 students were presented with awards. Students feel a sense of unity with their Muslim brothers and sisters, families and friends, as they stand side by side with their peers at the awards night. In the past, this function has been honored to welcome a high-caliber audience of over 500 people, including respected government dignitaries, members of academia, public and private school board members, members of various religious and cultural organizations, families and students. Overall, the hard work and dedication from EMAAN volunteers is exemplified through a prestigious evening consisting of an awards presentation with beautiful take-home awards for students, invited guest speakers’ address, a delicious three-course meal, and various displays and entertainment. Scholarships for post-secondary education and Umrah Tours are awarded to select EMAAN students. Senior high and post-secondary students who receive Top Academic Awards and Student of the Year Awards will receive $1000 scholarships. Recipients of the post-secondary Umrah Award will be granted a trip to the holy cities of Mecca and Medina. EMAAN is ultimately a resource for all Muslim students. Students should get involved for their own benefit. Overall, EMAAN is a program that strengthens our Canadian heritage and represents our multicultural Muslim community


iRISE is an evidence-based, community-driven, character education program for full-time Islamic schools, whereby students embody Islamic values and acquire relevant life skills to meet the 21st century challenges, rooted in developing  a strong relationship with Allah SWT.

Our vision for iRISE is to encourage students to embody the Islamic character; to reach their full potential; to have a strong sense of responsibility and care; and to be prepared to rise above any challenges they may face.

iRISE stands for:

·    i: symbolizes personal connection to Allah SWT and ownership of the values

·    Rabbaniyah: Developing faith and being God-centered

·    Integrity: Strong internally-driven moral principles

·    Service: Acting upon one’s responsibility with respect to all concentric circles: from individual to family to society to the world

·    Excellence: Developing knowledge, skills and personal attributes to reach one’s full potential


EnrichIt! was established in 2007 and has continued to grow into a program for students, parents and families!  The purpose of EnrichIt! is to strive to enrich education through a wide variety of experiences. The advantage of enhancing the theory with hands-on learning methods is that students grasp difficult concepts more easily when they are having fun and seeing the theory bloom into something they created. Many EnrichIt! activities may act as motivation for long term student success as they take part in activities that challege them and broaden their horizons through a variety of fun and interactive opportunities.

EnrichIt! helps build communities providing a safe and welcoming environment for newcomers and people from all diverse backgrounds.  It has also lead to numerous achievements in literacy, science, math, physical education,  and more!

EnrichIt! activities are age appropriate and motivate students to extend their interest beyond the Ontario Curriculum. They contribute to a well rounded education.


We believe in giving back to our communities. MAC Give is a program designed to instill in the Canadian Muslim community a sense of responsibility towards Canada, and to establish Muslims as an integral and important part of all philanthropic activities taking place in Canada.  MAC Give utilizes a principle-based approach for community-building by engaging in volunteer and community work on a regular basis.

The premise of the MAC Give program is simple: we partner up with existing charitable community organizations to help volunteer with causes that are important to us. We encourage members of the Muslim community to join us on group volunteer outings, where we work at soup kitchens, blood drives, food drives, graffiti and city clean-ups, and collaborative fundraising activities with organizations such as the Terry Fox Foundation, Heart and Stroke Foundation, Multiple Sclerosis Society, and The Make A Wish Foundation.