Associates Registration

Welcome to becoming a MAC Associate

This registration allows you to be a MAC Associate as per the guidelines stated below

The Associate's program is open to all Muslims as per the criteria below:
• Any Muslim over the age of 18 years who is a Canadian resident or citizen
• They understand Islam to be a comprehensive and balanced religion with core
references being the Quran and authentic Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) as defined and adopted by MAC
• They strive to adhere to the Islamic teachings, avoiding the prohibitions, doing their best to fulfill the prescribed duties, and maintain a high level of Muslim character

Duties & Benefits
1. Financial show of support through annual suggested dues ($25 annually)
2. Volunteerism in MAC’s activities
3. Personal growth within MAC’s open educational opportunities (online or in-person)
4. Contribution in local operational committees
5. Participation in public chapter meetings

Once you submit your registration, someone from the local Chapter will contact you in order to finish the process which involves
1) Introducing you to MAC
2) Verifying your personal & contact information

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