Schools & Learning Centres

Our Islamic Full-time Schools

Schools administered by the Muslim Association of Canada aim to cultivate an enriched learning community fostering academic excellence, leadership, and Islamic values.


To create and advance a community of scholars who are successful in both deen and dunya, focusing on championing their identity as Canadian Muslims while keeping their faith and community engagement at the core of their growth.


The values embraced at MAC Islamic Day Schools are cultivated by using well-rounded methods of learning, where development and training is a focus starting at primary grades.  The aim is to encourage excellence in every facet of development with a focus on academic, intellectual, physical, and spiritual success.

Maple Grove School


Kitchener, ON

Niagara Islamic School


Niagara, ON

Olive Grove High School


Mississauga, ON

MAC OGS Quran Academy


Mississauga, ON

Part-Time Schools

Fostering a Growth Mindset

Our weekend Islamic schools provide students with an opportunity to learn Arabic and familiarize themselves with Islamic customs and education.

Our goals are:

  • To support the students in their development towards the best moral and social conduct, in accordance with the authentic and balanced understanding of Islam, and to lead them in developing and embodying the values of a responsible Canadian citizen
  • To provide high quality education that is rooted in the Islamic faith and is in accordance with the standards and expectations outlined in the provincial curriculum

Albayan School


Vancouver, BC

Al-Huda Schools



Al-Huda Ajax 


Ajax, ON

Al-Huda East Mississauga


Mississauga, ON

Al-Huda Montreal


Montreal, QC

Al-Huda North York

Toronto, ON

Al-Huda OGS Saturday 

Mississauga, ON

Al-Huda OGS Sunday

Mississauga, ON

Al-Huda West Island


Montreal, QC

Al-Huda Windsor


Windsor, ON

Al-Rahma West – Sunday


Ottawa, ON

Al-Salam Academy


Calgary, AB

Raheeq Institute


Edmonton, AB

Quran Schools

Developing a Moral Compass by Learning the Qur’an

MAC Quran schools are aimed at building a generation of Muslim children who have a strong Islamic identity, moral compass, and inspiring the students with the Sunnah of Prophet Mohamed (PBUH). Its mission is to facilitate the solid yet easy memorization of the Holy Qur’an, full comprehension of Tajweed, and the understanding of Qur’anic meanings for all Muslim Canadians.