‘Our London Family’ gym unveiled Saturday

June 4, 2022 | London, ON

Nearly one year after four members of the Afzaal family were killed while on an evening walk in London, a new gymnasium has been unveiled in their honour.

In a private ceremony held Saturday, the gymnasium — named the ‘Our London Family Gymnasium’ — officially opened its doors, and it’s a community space that is welcomed to everyone.

The gym has been in the planning stages for the past three years, but its namesake is in commemoration of the Afzaal family.

Members of the Afzaal family also spoke during the event.

“They were very strong supporters and believers in strong institutions for our youth and community,” said Saboor Khan, of the Muslim Association and who was also close to the family. “Not just the Muslim community, but a positive environment where Muslims and non-Muslims can interact with one another.”

For friends of 14-year-old Yumnah, Saturday marked a bittersweet day.

“She would love it,” said Huda Sallan, a friend of Yumnah. “I think the whole family would love it. It’s a really positive outlook on something so tragic.”

The gym was made possible with help from the Muslim Association of Canada. They hope the gym will be a safe place for people to come to, and will serve as a reminder that the community will not accept hate.

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