Personal Pandemic | Poem by Brandi “Sabira”

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As we all sit at home in lockdown

we ponder and reflect on this new way of life and remember the hustle and bustle of the old. 

This pandemic has us all panicked on the outside but has forced us to remain calm in the inside. 

Time is now spent on more important things such as family, studies and spiritual connection.

The almighty has finally forced us to stop and look at what is actually important and to be grateful for what we have.

We can take this time as a personal journey to reflect and analyze our own soul and improve the qualities that have been damaged by the negative influences of this world. Such as haste, ungratefulness and greed. Such as hatred, racism and jealousy. 

It is the fear of the unknown that has hit many and forced them to rethink what is now to be a priority in our lives when it should have been all along.

This covid-19 may not have infected us all but it sure has affected us all. 

God has proven that he is in control now and always was.  It unfortunately took a worldwide pandemic to create a personal pandemic within ourselves. 

The only cure for this is to stop our sinful habits and start anew. Forgive one another and treat one another with respect and kindness.  Most importantly  we should live each day like it’s going to be our last breath as so many have had to unfortunately do. 

By Brandi “Sabira” (Calgary, AB)

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