Olive Grove Grade 8 Graduation

Olive Grove Grade 8 Graduation

COVID-19 has affected everyone from different fields, across the globe. However, the abrupt end to a Grade 8 year that marks a milestone in their lives was heartbreaking for our students. Our schools started brainstorming unconventional ideas to bring some closure to our students as many of them had been with us since preschool! The administration and staff at OGS worked tirelessly to make this graduating year one to be remembered by all, despite all limitations. Relentless planning and countless hours went into making our students feel special and honoured. The challenging feat of having a social event in a ‘socially distant’ world was challenging on so many levels. Our dedicated and committed staff came up with a unique, one of a kind graduation ceremony for our Grade 8’s that left the biggest smile on the faces of both students as well as their families.

OGS planned for a graduation with gift baskets and ending with a drive-in event.  Our staff took family portraits and recognized and honoured the hard work of each and every student, the event had it all, while strictly implementing the social distancing rules at every stage of the event. After an exhausting month of planning, the event ended with cheers and tears, as the students bid farewell to lifelong friends and strong bonds that were created over the years. Cars drove away in a procession where staff bid them farewell with clapping and acknowledgements.  The smiling, content faces of our students made all the hard work worth it.

As they embark on a new and exciting journey in their lives, MAC wishes our students nothing but the best and pray that they taste success in every aspect of life as they step out into the world as believers, inspired to be Community Leaders!

Visit the Olive Grove Elementary School Website for more information: https://schools.macnet.ca/ogs/ 

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