MAC Youth National Photography Contest Winners 2019

Thank you to everyone who participated in our first ever MAC Youth National Photography Contest! This contest reflects MAC Youth’s mission of empowering youth to reach their potential as Canadian Muslims while remembering Allah (SWT) in all aspects of their lives. Many youth showcased their photographic talents by reflecting on how the love of Allah (SWT) manifests itself in the world around us, in accordance with the fact that Allah is Al-Wadud, The Most Loving. We received submissions from across the country, including Edmonton, Ottawa, and the Greater Toronto Area!

Congratulations to our FIRST PLACE WINNER, Ruqayyah A. (15) from Mississauga, who will receive a $100 Amazon Gift Card!

Congratulations to our SECOND PLACE WINNER, Leen J. (15) from Mississauga, and our THIRD PLACE WINNER, Aya D. (18) from Edmonton!


The warm sun rises as the remaining dead leaves of a once magnificent tree dance around as the cold breeze pushes them swiftly along. This is just one of the many inspiring sights you see while living on this masterpiece called Earth. A world where the seasons naturally move along, a world where there’s a division between light and darkness, a world of many textures and surfaces. This perfect world was just handed to us at the cost of nothing even though we weren’t deserving of it.  Doesn’t this show the immense affection of Allah (Al-Wadud) towards his creations?  

FIRST PLACE: Ruqayyah A. 15, Mississauga

I was outside looking at the sky when I took this picture. So beautiful, isn’t it? How the colors blend together. How the lake is a reflection of the sky. How the floating deck is reflected so beautifully. How everything in this photo is perfect! Allah loves us. He gives blessings to everyone he wants to give it to. Muslim or not, rich or not, smart or not, grateful or not. This world is filled with beautiful creations of Allah, we just have to be grateful to really feel that we’re blessed.

SECOND PLACE: Leen J., 15, Mississauga

Ortaköy Mosque, Istanbul, Turkey

Hearing the adhan of the beautiful mosques in Istanbul reminded me of one of the simplest things we can do to gain the love of Allah (SWT): pray. The call to prayer tells us to come to prayer and come to success. People sometimes go far distances to please others; we want to feel appreciated, important, and that our life has meaning. We can forget that when we are loved by Allah (SWT), we will feel a sense of purpose in life. We will be successful. His love is sufficient. When Allah (SWT) loves you, it can change your life.

THIRD PLACE: Aya D., 18, Edmonton

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