Do you want to make a positive contribution? Help serve the community, be part of an exciting and dynamic vision for Muslims in Canada? Then volunteer with the Muslim Association of Canada and join our 2284 volunteer workforce nationwide.

At MAC we’re grateful to have dedicated, passionate, earnest, and committed staff and volunteers by our side. We’re blessed to have an all-star team!
MAC is engaged in a number of projects both on a local community and​ national level. As you go through this website, if you find a project that grabs your attention and you want to volunteer, please contact the relevant “contact person” indicated on that page.

If you are not sure what you would like to participate in, or cannot find the correct contact info, contact your local MAC chapter who can help you find a project or idea about which you are passionate. Volunteers from all religious, ethnic, and social backgrounds are welcome.

For a comprehensive directory of contacts across MAC institutions, chapters and projects click here.