Living your Islam differently when you’re under 25

5 AVRIL 2024 | La Ratonde

(Read Original Article in French: Vivre son islam autrement quand l’on a moins de 25 ans – La Rotonde)

According to the Hijri calendar, the month of Ramadan is expected to end this year on April 9 or 10. For Muslims, this spiritual time is an opportunity to observe one of the foundations of Islam. According to French experts, Ramadan is more popular among young Muslims aged 25 and under than among their elders in France. Depending on age, country or culture, this key religious moment gives rise to different expressions and ways of living one’s spirituality.

Ramadan: a new lease of life

Amy Awad, a member of the executive board of the Muslim Association of Canada (MAC), notes that the holy month presents itself as an opportunity for non-Muslims to learn about Islam, and for Muslims of all ages to reconnect with their faith and religious community.

The communal nature of this time of year, when many rituals are held, invites people to “get involved in different ways,” she said. “Ramadan is a starting point for a lot of things. […]. The simple act of fasting creates a shared experience and a sense of belonging that people can build on later on,” Awad shares.

Read full article: Vivre son islam autrement quand l’on a moins de 25 ans – La Rotonde

Article written by Jessica Malutama — Journalist

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