Local efforts underway to support earthquake victims

February 15, 2023 | London, ON

Local volunteers are working tirelessly to aid victims in earthquake zones in Turkiye and Syria.

A donation drive by the London chapter of the Muslim Association of Canada has so far collected several truckloads of supplies to be shipped to Turkiye. Mariam Merhi, who co-owns Empire Auto Group, has offered up two locations to collect the donations.

Standing in front of a service bay full of supplies, she said she’s overwhelmed with what’s come in so far.

“We weren’t expecting that much. And then it was like rain, good rain coming into… And it’s not only the Muslim community, I have to admit, it was the whole Londoners.”

Among those helping with donations is Cigdem Fenercioglu, who emigrated from Turkey five years ago. She was trying to find the words to describe how helpless she feels at seeing the devastation on the news.

“You know the bird in the cage. Now we feel like that,” she explained. “You can’t do nothing and then you just doing this, and then you can’t go anywhere. But we try our best.”

Organizers say it’s not possible to fly a plane into Syria, so they’re collecting financial donations.

“The funds that we have collected, if there are such charities, then we work with those charities to send funds, and then they support the community there,” said Sahboor Khan, of the London chapter of the Muslim Association of Canada. He said so far they have raised $100,000 in financial contributions.

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By Bryan Bicknell | CTV News London

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