Honouring Former Premier of Alberta Rachel Notley

We are thankful for your strength, compassion and dedication as former Premier of Alberta @RachelNotley

As MAC’s VP Finance framed aptly, “Premier Notley is one of those leaders who possess a blend of traits and leadership qualities that make her special and standout. She would meet the standards set by the leadership scholar J. Adair for his version of the “universal leader”. His take is that there are shared qualities that make leaders great that transcend time, geography, social structures, and other differentiators.

Adair argued that great leaders lead from the front and lead by example. They must exhibit and transmit enthusiasm. They need to demonstrate integrity in full and must avoid the expression of arrogance. They should display humility, be truthful, be prepared to share any hardship with followers, and provide both vision and dedication to achieving a task at hand.

Ms. Notley – during her premiership – exhibited many of those universal traits, whether during the Fort Mac fires, or the drive to put forth a sensible environmental policy, or her attempt at diversifying the provincial economy.”

It was a pleasure to celebrate and recognize your tireless service, zeal and conviction in building a better future for all Albertans.

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