Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Muslim Association of Canada?

The Muslim Association of Canada (MAC) is an independent, nonpartisan organization devoted to educational, social, charitable, faith-based, and non-profit work. Community service and volunteer engagement are primary tenets MAC champions at the local level to produce well-rounded community members entering public life who are accountable and recognized in their communities.

Why was MAC formed?

MAC recognizes the positive and needed role faith-based groups serve and welcomes opportunities to build alliances with and across religious, ethnic, racial, and different age groups to give back, innovate and strengthen our neighbourhoods nationwide. As a Canadian Muslim faith-based organization following a traditional moderate interpretation of Islam, MAC’s work is built around the ethical integrity of Islam balancing faith with modernity, the material with the spiritual and love for the Creator and duty to His Creation.

Who does MAC cater to?

MAC strives to engage all Canadians. We make consistent efforts to keep our school curricula and resources current, relevant, and, engaging.  We ensure our mosques and community centers reflect the diverse needs of its respective communities, and we hold community events throughout the year in our various centers across Canada. Our main objective is to be of service to Canada and contribute to a secure, healthy and prosperous future for all.

How and when was MAC created?

The Muslim Association of Canada (MAC) was established in 1997 with responsibility and vision: to earnestly help Muslim communities within Canada and to adopt a balanced, moderate understanding of Islam that actively benefits by engaging within society. MAC acquired its first community center in 1997 in the Greater Toronto Area.

Where is MAC located?

MAC has Chapters, centers and mosques in 12 cities across Canada in the provinces of British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario, and Quebec. To reach a MAC institution navigate its directory for institutions per city

Is MAC a nonprofit, tax-exempt charity?

Yes MAC is a registered nonprofit, tax-exempt Canadian charity.

How do I donate to MAC?

Thank you for considering donating to MAC. Please visit this site to invest in community growth through MAC.

Does MAC send funds outside Canada?

MAC spends 100% of the raised funds in Canada. The majority goes to projects and institutions operated by MAC and a small portion goes to support relief work done by Canadian registered charities.

Who is Welcomed at MAC?

MAC is a Canadian organization reflecting the diversity within the Muslim communities across Canada. Our membership and communities reflect that diversity and come from all backgrounds. Our centres and institutions are open to all without any form of discrimination.  Our HR policies conform to all legal requirements and encourage and protect diversity and tolerance.

Does MAC work with other faith groups and organizations?

Yes. MAC seeks to constructively engage Muslims within Canadian society through contextual initiatives, multi-faith projects, and educational opportunities.MAC recognizes the positive and needed role faith-based groups serve and welcomes opportunities to build alliances with and across religious, ethnic, racial, and different age groups to give back, innovate and strengthen our neighbourhoods nationwide.

How does MAC address hatred targeting specific groups?

MAC maintains clear policies against hate speech that firmly apply to all staff and visitors speaking at any MAC centres. MAC has zero-tolerance towards hate speech and anti-Semitism. MAC encourages collaborations, creating positive relationships with other faith groups, and participating in interfaith initiatives.

Is MAC affiliated with any political organization?

MAC is a nonpartisan Charity with no political ties to any political organization within or outside of Canada. MAC welcomes the opportunities to engage new hearts and minds and to form new partnerships and alliances to help make Canada a better place for all Canadians.

Does MAC have a relationship with the Muslim Brotherhood?

MAC is a Canadian, independent, faith-based, registered charity that operates only in Canada with no connections with any organization outside Canada.

How do I become a MAC member?

Becoming a MAC member is a process that encompasses a concerted effort to invest in one’s personal growth and in the community.

There are two types of membership:

 Associate Member

Submit an online forum, and sign up to participate in local events.

Official Member

Prospective Official Members should join local self-development halaqas* intended as social continuing education groups. This is where they complete different levels of the curriculum with a focus on Islamic and personal characteristic to obtain.

The second way to become Official Member is to reach out to local Chapter Heads and request to volunteer to help with community events and programs.

I have feedback to give, how can I share it with MAC?

We’d be happy to read your feedback, please follow this link and fill out the form.