March 16th Community Advisory Update on the COVID-19 Outbreak


March 16th Community Advisory Update
on the COVID-19 Outbreak


As part of our commitment to provide regular updates to the community, please review the following with regards to the developments and decisions related to MAC full-time and part-Time schools, centres, mosques and programs.

The Muslim Association of Canada (MAC) takes the wellness and safety of our community with utmost seriousness. We pray that Allah (ﷻ) protects all of us from illness and harm. We are reminded of the Prophetic supplication:

بِسْمِ اللَّهِ الَّذِي لاَ يَضُرُّ مَعَ اسْمِهِ شَىْءٌ فِي الأَرْضِ وَلاَ فِي السَّمَاءِ وَهُوَ السَّمِيعُ الْعَلِيمُ

Bismillahil-ladhi la yadurru ma’as-mihi shai’un fil-ardi wa la fis-sama’i, wa Huwas-Sami’ul-‘Alim

In the Name of Allah with Whose Name there is protection against every kind of harm in the earth or in the heaven, and He is the All-Hearing and All-Knowing (Abu Dawud & At-Tirmidhi)

We are continuously monitoring the developments concerning this situation and continuously reviewing the directives of the federal, provincial and regional Public Health Authorities. At MAC, we decided to apply the public health directives across all our institutions and schools. Here is a summary of our recent actions:

  • All MAC schools part-time and fulltime are closed following the updates in all provinces, including our schools in Alberta. Teachers will prepare work and activities for the off weeks following March break, and this will be available online to students so that they do not fall behind on the curriculum.
  • All masajid and centres except for MAC Islamic Centre in Ottawa are open and continue to offer the daily prayers following the regulations of restricting gatherings to less than 250 people while maintaining restrictions and additional measures of safety and cleanliness. All other events and programs in masajid and centers are cancelled.
  • We will send updates regarding Friday prayers based on close followup of the public health directives. We have taken exceptional measures in all our centres to improve the safety and hygiene of our congregants.
  • We encourage all community members to follow recommendations of public health on cleanliness, social distancing, avoiding travel, and avoiding gatherings.

We will continue to monitor the updates and public health directives nationally and locally in the different provinces and will adjust our programs accordingly and promptly. We will continue to update our community members regularly.

Scholarly Opinion

We encourage our community members to exercise an additional level of precaution and to care for the most vulnerable. Below is an excerpt from the scholarly opinion of Dr. Jasser Auda, a member of the Fiqh Council of North America and a renowned Islamic scholar who is also an active member of several international Islamic councils.

1: Elderly adults, women, children and individuals with symptoms of disease shall stop coming to mosques for daily as well as Friday prayers. Instead of Juma’ they shall do Dhuhr prayer at home.

2: People with severe health conditions such as asthma, diabetes, heart and blood pressure problems shall also stay home and not attend the daily or Friday prayers.

Genuine fear of contracting the virus is a valid Sharai’s reason to miss congregational prayer.

3: In cities where public gatherings are allowed, Friday crowds shall be curtailed, controlled and dispersed soon after the Fard prayer. Khutbahs and prayers shall be shortened. People shall do their Sunnah and Nafl (supplementary prayers) at home. Combining Dhuhr with Asr and Maghrib with Isha is permissible to limit crowds during these trying times.

4: Unless local authorities forbid gatherings, mosques shall allow and organize Friday prayers for those who intend to perform the Friday congregational obligation.

5. Under the current circumstances, the Sharia permits people to perform Jummah prayer in their residence with a minimum number of 3 persons.


Summary of Public Health Updates and Government Announcements

Prime Minister

MARCH 16 | Prime Minister Justin Trudeau discusses the federal government’s response to the COVID-19  outbreak continue reading.
Written Summary of Federal Response to COVID-19 link.


MARCH 16 | Premier Ford Announces Job Protection for Workers during the COVID-19 Situation
The government intends to introduce legislation that, if passed, would immediately provide job-protected leave to employees in isolation or quarantine due to COVID-19. Protecting the health and well-being of all Ontarians, including the staff and clients in Ontario’s social services and youth justice sectors, is our government’s number one priority… continue reading.


MARCH 13 | Quebec Government’s official COVID19 Page
Decree declaring a state of health emergency throughout Quebec. This exceptional measure allows, for example… continue reading.


MARCH 16 | Update 2: COVID-19 pandemic in Alberta (March 15 at 4:30 p.m.) On the authority of Dr. Deena Hinshaw, Chief Medical Officer of Health
Aggressive additional public health measures are being implemented provincewide… continue reading.

British Columbia

MARCH 14 | Minister of Health Adrian Dix, and Dr. Bonnie Henry, B.C.’s Provincial Health Officer
From the outset, we have been proactive in our efforts. Our approach has been to get ahead of increasing risks and do all we can to break the chains of transmission… continue reading.

Additional Resources:

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We must all work to collectively act in the best interest of our community’s health and well-being and take all necessary precautionary measures. It is also of utmost importance to remember that our spiritual well-being and mental health must also be taken care of during this challenging period. We continue to pray for the health and well-being of our communities as we work collectively and proactively to keep each other safe and healthy.


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