Sara Behairy

Sara Behairy has been living in Calgary, Alberta for the past six years. Beforehand, she was in Vancouver BC where she obtained her Chemical Engineering degree from UBC. Sara’s passion has always been education as she enjoys activating young minds and helping our youth reach their fullest potentials. Therefore, she obtained her Education degree from UofC upon arriving in Calgary.

Sara joined MAC about five years ago. She enjoys and is passionate about volunteer work, giving back to the community, and has led the local EidFest for the past two years which brings together the local community annually. Sara has also been actively working with the youth department, focusing on different programs, events, initiatives, camps, and more.

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  1. Hajar Talbi April 20, 2020 Reply

    In all honestly, no one can beat Ms Behairy’s enthusiasm for everything she does, Mash’Allah. She is a great leader, teacher and a person and I always look up to her as a role model. She deserves more than the world itself. I hope for her all the best in what she does. Ameen!
    Thank you Ms Behairy

  2. Habiba Melkar April 20, 2020 Reply

    Salam all
    MashAllah Ms Behairy is one of the great staff at OBK CIS .
    She is the teacher of my kids , I admire her way of teaching ´ her personal skills . I like how she relates everything she teach to Islam . بارك الله فيها وفيمن رباها وجعلها قدوة لبناتنا

  3. Ayoub Talbi April 20, 2020 Reply

    Ms. Behairy is an outstanding teacher in CIS OBK and is a very proud role model to the small Muslim kids around Calgary and always relates her subject to Islam

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