Ramadan Kareem

"Ramadan the Month to Attain Taqwa"

This Ramadan, we will continue with our theme: In the Shade of the Quran. Our focus this year will be on the comprehensiveness of the message of the Quran as our source of strength, hope, contribution, accomplishment and true success, “Worship: The Path of Hope and Success”.


This Ramadan, our programs have focused on the sub-themes Taqwa, ‘finding hope through worship’, and ‘nurturing steadfastness through worship’.

In this final week of Ramadan, our theme is the ‘Month of Giving’.

Ramadan is the month of all good deeds including giving and charity. It is also the month of contributing to the Muslim community and society at large. Giving beyond acts of charity. 

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Check out our Ramadan national programs below. As for local programs, please see your local MAC chapters.



There are no upcoming events at this time.