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Al-Otrojah Quran Program

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Date & Time
Friday Apr 10, 2015 - Friday Apr 10, 2020
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Held at Mac Youth Centre

Mac Youth Centre
366 Oxford Street East
London ON N6A-1V6
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Al-Otrojah Quran Institute offers a well-structured Quran program that adopts an efficient, easy to follow method of learning the Quran. It has helped students and scholars achieve solid levels in reading, memorizing the Quran (or parts of it), and even achieving an authorization license (ijazah in Arabic) in the Holy Quran according to the reading of Imam Hafs from Imam Asem by the way of Shatibiya. The program is suitable for all levels, genders, and ages. For more information please contact Al-Otroja at admin@alotrojah.com

Semester 1: January

Semester 2: May

Semester 3: September

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