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A chartered scouts program for Canadian Muslim youth
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Chartered by Scouts Canada, MAC Scouts is an organization designed for Canadian Muslim children. Our educational value system is conceived and adapted to comprehensibly integrate young Muslim children into a constructive role in Canadian society. Our programs develop leadership and religious awareness in our Muslim Scouts through a fun and informal education process. Our activities are diversified and aspire to educate and nurture the mind, body and spirit. Our objective is to develop confident and responsible Muslim leaders that are committed to guiding and serving the Canadian Muslim society.
Scouting method has always been about Learning by Doing - it’s the fun way to learn! It’s about living in a world full of adventure, preparing for outdoor activities and building relationships you can count on. With your team, you will discover a whole new world in nature while learning survival techniques.  Our aim is to help you grow into an outgoing and responsible Muslim scout who will create your own projects and lead your team to help your world become a better place.
MAC Scouts started in 2003 and quickly captivated Muslim youngsters and parents alike. In 2004, MAC Scouts held its first summer camp for Muslim children, and it has been held every year since. In 2005, MAC's Muslim Scouts became a member of Scouts Canada, the country’s leading youth organization. With the help of Scouts Canada, we developed an educational system that helps Muslim children integrate effectively in Canadian society while strongly preserving their religious identity and beliefs.

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If you are a Muslim youngster that is searching for fun adventures, or an adult that is willing to volunteer to help kids develop self-reliance, self-confidence and leadership in Muslim youth contact us through our event page.
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Brothers Children 6 - 12; High School 13 - 18; University 19 – 25
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