Our Core Values

Faith: We are motivated by consciousness of God. We understand Islam in accordance with its original sources, the Qura'n and the way of the Prophet Muhammad, and in light of classical and contemporary mainstream scholarly tradition.

Consultation: Our decisions are made in consultation through clearly established structures and procedures. We are concerned not only about what we accomplish but that we accomplish it together, united.

Fraternity: We cultivate a spirit of brotherhood and sisterhood based on meaningful understanding and support.

Development: We understand that the only means of changing the world is by changing ourselves.

Citizenship: As Canadians, we challenge ourselves and others to contribute to our society and its institutions.

Inclusiveness: Our movement is consciously inclusive of Muslims across ethnic, gender, and generational lines. Our membership is open to all who agree with our principles. We serve all people irrespective of faith, race, ethnicity or gender.

Relevance: We continuously seek to understand the world in which we live. Our principled actions are rooted in an understanding of reality.

Excellence: We strive to develop activities and execute programs at the highest level of professionalism and creativity