Our Policies

There are a number of qualifications, controls, checks and balances within our organization that position us to successfully implement projects. Since 1999, MAC has been very active in implementing projects in many fields, including youth, education, development and training, social services, community development, major events, real-estate and facility management. This wide range of experience and resources that has been institutionalized through documentation, training, governance and policies, monitoring and organizational structures.

The following are further explanations of our internal management processes:

  • Executive Planning and Monitoring - All of our work starts with a planning process. Our organizational objectives and planning cover a 4-year term. At the start of each term our executive management delivers a national plan with strategic goals, objectives, measures, targets, programs and budgets. Following that, our chapter management develops a detailed action plan specifying measurable objectives on how they will implement the Executive Plan within their local communities. At the end of each year performance is assessed across the organization to ensure that our objectives were met.
  • Structure - MAC prides itself on an organizational structure that has proven not only to ensure proper management of the organization, but also to encourage and inspire leadership, creativity and success at all levels of the organization
  • Administration - Our head-office manages all administration processes including accounting, taxes and donations.
  • Accountability - Our organizational policy enforces annual financial internal audits. Our audits are reported up to our Board and are shared with members for transparency and feedback.
  • National Project Management – Each term, a number of the highest priority projects are selected to be managed on a national level. Generally, a national project involves an initiative to pilot a program and institutionalize it before pushing it out across the county. Our strongest project managers and volunteers are assigned to these projects to ensure successful understanding and implementation.
  • Spending Management – Our organization has implemented a number of financial controls, policies and procedures that cover our complete financial process. Our policies cover payments, revenue, cash management, donations, reporting, documentation and approvals. Detailed policies can be provided.
  • Funding Management – Receiving funding is a privilege and responsibility, and as such it must be allocated as per the funding requirements. Management of funding is controlled by internal project managers assigned to the specific projects receiving the funds.
    1. Project financial reports are generated for review by our management and are generally submitted to the funding partner.
    2. Monitoring of progress is completed mid-way through the project and at completion.
    3. A full report is submitted to our funding partners when the work is completed to ensure the project outcomes meets their satisfaction.