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MAC Youth Halaqa

Religious study circle for youth
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The MAC Youth Halaqa is a non-traditional halaqa that includes reflecting on Islamic knowledge, purification of the soul, modern youth concerns and soft skills.  This program is geared toward youth between the ages of 18-30.  Students are in engaged in a classroom style setting with knowledgeable guest speakers on various key topics. In the spirit of helping youth gain knowledge in a wide range of subjects, the MAC Youth Halaqa also covers soft skills topics, such as leadership skills, public speaking, and time management. Topics are covered holistically and comprehensively, allowing students to gain more than a cursory understanding of the subjects about which they are learning.  The Halaqa also focuses on Youth Concerns; this segment deals with problems youth face on a regular basis, giving them a chance to hear from highly qualified speakers on social issues, and learn about Islamic solutions to these problems. What would a Halaqa be without Brotherhood and Sisterhood?  One of the halaqa's key goals is to help people expand their circles and make new friends. The halaqa organizes various activities such as skiing, bowling, hiking, laser tag, and others to give students a chance to spend time together and strengthen their bonds.
The halaqa will help participants elevate themselves spiritually and soften their hearts. Guest speakers are brothers and sisters with a high level of Islamic knowledge and a great deal of experience in Islamic community work.
Many of us struggle with soft skills like public speaking, organization and time management. Some of us have learned the skills to succeed in these areas, but aren't quite sure how to apply them in the real world. The soft skills segment of the halaqa focuses on teaching individuals how to build these skills and practically apply them so that they eventually come naturally to our participants. We focus on competencies that are helpful in all aspects of life and work, for various audiences.
It's easy to associate religious events with boredom or extreme rigidity, but the MAC Youth Halaqa wants you to have fun in our program. Once a month, the halaqa takes a trip. We organize a variety of activities, including skiing, bowling, hiking, and picnics. We cater our events to the requests of our attendees, and stress the importance of bonding to form long lasting friendships amongst brothers and sisters.

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Study Circle; Quran; Islamic Education; Lecture; Seminar/Workshop
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Brothers; Sisters High School 13 - 18; University 19 – 25

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