MAC Youth

Why MAC Youth?

A sound ideology and a group of firm believers are the two fundamental requirements needed to set any movement into motion. For a movement to thrive, however, its proponents have to maintain an exceptional level of conviction, devotion, enthusiasm, and resilience. While all age groups may potentially possess some of these attributes, it is more common to collectively find them within the youthp.

This perspective frames the Muslim Association of Canada’s (MAC) view of the youth profile and role, and casts the mold for MAC’s approach towards this age group. As a movement that aims to establish a balanced Islamic presence within the fabric of Canada, we believe our youth are best positioned to partake in the evolving process of reconciling our Islamic principles with the general principles of the Canadian culture, without subjugating one to the other.

What is MAC Youth?

MAC Youth is a department of the organization that aims to develop Muslim Canadian youth capable of giving roots to the comprehensive understanding of Islam, and to prepare them to be at the forefront of the development of the Canadian community.

What defines a MAC Youth Member?

There is a set of notions that defines and guides MAC and its members. To a large extent, MAC youth members define the nature of MAC's interaction with the Muslim community and the Canadian community at large. MAC Youth Members understand, share and strive to actualize the following notions:

  • Servitude to Allah through devotional practice, moral existence and service to humanity is the ultimate objective. A MAC youth member’s loyalty is to Allah, not to a person, or a group. MAC is neither merely a service organization nor just an interest group. It is first and foremost a movement that is defined by a set of principles and the collective contribution of its individual members rather than the ideals of a charismatic individual.
  • The youth are the champions and the focus of our movement but MAC represents an inter-generational movement - not solely a youth movement. MAC firmly believes that the right of the youth to participate in decision-making and to assume leadership positions irrespective of gender, age or ethnicity, is an undeniable right. In principle and in practice, MAC Youth members cooperate with those who share all or some of our universal guiding principles, regardless of faith, gender or political affiliation.
  • Personal development and its mechanisms are at the core of MAC Youth’s endeavors. MAC Youth development programs focus on creating an environment that defines and celebrates a Canadian Muslim identity. This identity is meant to provide the Muslim youth with a frame of reference that is Islamically sound and practically relevant to our Canadian context. A “faith in action” approach and youth led initiatives are essential to MAC Youth work. Youth activism and societal engagement are highly encouraged and perceived as a means of facilitating personal development as well as providing opportunities to apply its principles and fulfill its objectives.