Education and Schools

MAC envisions the school as a learning institution that supports the integrated and balanced development of the individual. Our mission is to motivate children to seek a higher education so that knowledge and learning become a part of their identity and a source of pride, as well as their duty as Muslims. This is inspired by the saying of Prophet Muhammad, "For one who chooses a path seeking knowledge, God facilitates a path to paradise."

MAC broadly operates three types of schools:
  • Full-time islamic schools that deliver the provincial ministry’s curriculum, in addition to programs in Arabic language, Quran and Islamic studies. Our schools focus on the essential values of our youth’s development and social training
  • Weekend islamic schools that provide students with an opportunity to learn Arabic and familiarize themselves with Islamic customs and education
  • Quran schools that provide further opportunities for students to learn more about the Quran with a focus on reading and memorization
Our goals are:
  • To support the students in their development towards the best moral and social conduct, in accordance with the authentic and balanced understanding of Islam, and to lead them in developing and embodying the values of a responsible Canadian citizen
  • To provide high quality education that is rooted in the Islamic faith and is in accordance with the standards and expectations outlined in the provincial curriculum