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MAC Education Fund, Est. 2006

Program Overview

The MAC Education Fund is a pilot project of the Muslim Association of Canada. It provides aid to parents in financial need who want to send their child or children to an Islamic school in Canada.

New opportunities for children

The MAC Education Fund was born from the recognition that a superior education, especially in the early years of life, can have a tremendous influence on a child's future.

A limited number of tuition-assistance grants will be awarded each school year to Muslim children from junior kindergarten to Grade 7 to help them attend Olive Grove School in Toronto. In the following years, we plan to increase funding in an effort to offer more grants and more choices so that Muslim children all over the country can attend the Islamic school of their choice. if they so please.

In our inaugural year, 2006-2007, these grants paid 25% of the tuition at Olive Grove School. During the 2010-2011 school year, we were able to increase grants to pay 30% of the tuition fees for eligible families.

If grant requests exceed available funding for a school year, a random draw will select those who will be awarded the grant. These children will be given priority to continue receiving the MAC Education Fund, provided they continue to meet the program's requirements.

Based on need, not academic requirements

The grants for the MAC Education Fund are based on the financial needs of parents, not on any academic requirements. The MAC Education Fund wants to give every child a chance to succeed, regardless of their accomplishments in school to date.

Acting now to help children

This landmark MAC program has been inspired by successful school programs offered around the world; however it has been tailored to meet the specific needs and environment of Muslim children in Canada. Our goal is to foster hope within our communities by helping children achieve their scholastic ambitions.

From the moment our son was born, my husband and I knew that part of our responsibility as parents would be to provide our child with a great education. The search for the right school was at the forefront of our minds, but our financial situation created a huge barrier, preventing us the freedom and opportunity to follow through on our goals.

The quality education we envisioned for our son was a safe environment that would foster our Islamic identity while continuously pushing for academic excellence. Olive Grove School embodied everything we were looking for in our child's education, but we knew it was beyond our price range. Knowing we would have to sacrifice the quality of our child's education due to our financial situation gave me a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach. After all, we felt providing our son with a great education was not only an investment for him but for our Muslim community as well.

Alhamdulillah, Olive Grove School felt the same way. The school suggested we apply for the MAC Education Fund, which subsidizes a portion of our school fees. We were amazed that a private Islamic institution offered subsidies for families, which removed the barrier we were facing in giving our child the very best education. The MAC Education Fund has been the support we needed to give our son the quality education he deserves. Olive Grove has made this process comfortable, practical and easy for our family, alhamdulillah. Each time our son comes home with a high grade on a test, or a new surah from the Quran memorized, we know that it's due to the opportunity the MAC Education Fund has provided us - the opportunity for our son to make his community proud.

Education Fund Recipient

Did you know:

  • 10% of Olive Grove students are receiving bursaries through the MAC Education Fund
  • The MAC Education Fund subsidizes 30% of a child's tuition at Olive Grove School
  • Your donations to the MAC Education Fund are eligible for Zakat