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A night of recognizing the achievements of Muslim youth
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MAC’s objectives and programs are aimed at the comprehensive educational and spiritual development of the Muslim individual, family and community. Consistent with Islamic principles, MAC initiated EMAAN in 2002 in Edmonton, Alberta to encourage youth in our community to seek knowledge and pride in their identity by furthering their education, contribute positively to society, and celebrate Muslim student achievements. EMAAN is an apex event that honors and recognizes these achievements throughout the past academic year.  Since EMAAN is currently expanding nationwide, its acronym now stands for Educational Muslim Achievement Awards Night.

Each year a panel of qualified judges offer their expertise and contributions to review over 300 applications. Several categories of awards are presented to junior high, high school, and post secondary students including: Honourable Mention, Honours, Honours with Distinction, Graduation, Arabic Language, Quranic Memorization, Top Academic Student, Most Improved Marks, Arts, Science, Literature/Journalism, Athlete of the Year, Student of the Year, and Community Service & Youth Leadership. In 2008, EMAAN introduced the Umrah award to the post secondary level where up to four of our successful applicants receive this exciting and adventurous award. EMAAN is also pleased to have introduced the Entrepreneur of the Year Award recognizing student innovation and creativity.

In 2005, the program expanded to provide scholarships to the highest achieving EMAAN students.  One of EMAAN’s main goals for the near future is to provide full scholarships to students for their post secondary education.
Numerous mosques, organizations, Muslim businesses, parents and individuals contributed funds to sponsor the aforementioned awards at the platinum, diamond, gold, silver, and bronze levels.

EMAAN grants Muslim youth the opportunity to exemplify merit, leadership and demonstrate excellence in their achievements over the past year. There is a new shift in the EMAAN mission to track and nurture our students throughout the entire academic year. Therefore, we introduced the EMAAN Leadership Program to work closely with our students, nurturing them in academics, leadership and faith. Currently, we are compiling a database and statistical analysis of Muslim students. Also, we are in the initial phases of launching the EMAAN Alumni Club to enable us to expand and apply the EMAAN vision.
EMAAN is a unique, one-of-a-kind celebration which gathers a diverse attendance reflecting the cultural mosaic of Islam in Canada. Muslim youth are recognized with vibrant awards at an apex event of celebration and achievements. Many students strive to attain the grades necessary to achieve EMAAN academic and special recognition awards, and last year almost 300 Muslim youth were presented with awards. Students feel a sense of unity with their Muslim brothers and sisters, families and friends, as they stand side by side with their peers on award night. In the past, this function has been honored to welcome a high-caliber audience of over 500 people, including respected government dignitaries, members of academia, public and private school board members, members of various religious and cultural organizations, families and students. Overall, the hard work and dedication of EMAAN volunteers is exemplified through a prestigious evening consisting of an awards presentation with beautiful take-home awards for youth, invited guest speakers’ address, a delicious three-course meal, and various displays and entertainment.

Scholarships for post-secondary education and Umrah Tours are awarded to select EMAAN students. High school and post-secondary students who receive Top Academic Awards and Student of the Year Awards will receive $1000 scholarships. Recipients of the post-secondary Umrah Award will be granted a trip to the holy cities of Mecca and Medina.

Overall, EMAAN is a program that strengthens our Canadian heritage and represents our multicultural Muslim community.
The EMAAN program was initiated in Edmonton in 2002. In 2005, the program expanded to provide scholarships to the highest achieving EMAAN students.
EMAAN introduced the Umrah award in 2008 for post-secondary students, and is currently in the process of expanding to a national MAC program based on Edmonton’s model.
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The EMAAN Leadership Program consists of dedicated and interested youth at the junior high, high school, and post-secondary levels to assist them in increasing the following three goals: leadership, academics and faith.

Leadership skills will be increased through workshops, tasks, activity planning, deliverance, and volunteer opportunities.

Academic skills will be addressed via recognition, special programs, and tutoring.

Faith will be elevated through Halaqas.

This program was developed to meet student needs and to ensure that EMAAN students are utilized to their fullest capacities. Youth are nurtured to become well-rounded, productive, and successful individuals. They are encouraged to increase their skills while participating in activities with their peers.
If you are a student interested in joining the EMAAN Leadership Program, please contact us.
EMAAN has recently been attended by various media representatives including newspapers and news channels such as CTV News, Global TV and OMNI Television. This event is also regularly attended by a high-caliber audience of over 500 people, including respected government dignitaries, members of academia, public and private school board members, members of various religious and cultural organizations, families and students.
If your newscast would like to join our exclusive program, please contact us.

Volunteers Donations Sponsorship
EMAAN is completely implemented, organized, and executed by the efforts of volunteers, who play a vital role in its success. Planning for EMAAN starts at the beginning of the school year and lasts throughout the year until the awards ceremony. EMAAN sub-committees consist of Communications, Applications, Finance, Database, Marketing, Alumni, Logistics, and Leadership.

EMAAN volunteers are dedicated individuals who frequently return year after year, sustaining the program, and giving much of their time and effort. These individuals are appreciated for generously lending their talents and abilities for the success of EMAAN. Imagine planning a remarkable event for an audience of over 500 people. By the time EMAAN is completed for the year, volunteers are overcome with an intense feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction.
This is a unique program that attracts not only volunteers from the Muslim community, but also past student award recipients who are eager to make history with EMAAN.

If you are interested in joining the EMAAN Team or would like to enquire about volunteer opportunities, please contact us through our event teams.
EMAAN has always limited ticket prices to ensure that the event is available to all Muslim youth and their families. Arrangements can also be made for those students in low-income situations. In addition, numerous guests are invited to attend on behalf of the Muslim community.

To enhance the appeal of EMAAN, general donation funds will be used to cover event expenditures including supplies, catering, decorations, entertainment, trophies, and awards.

“The position of only two persons is enviable; the person whom Allah bestowed wealth, empowering him to spend it in the way of righteousness, and the person whom Allah gave wisdom, with which he adjudges and which he teaches to others” - Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)
EMAAN has developed the Partners in Education Plan, which assists in helping talented Muslim youth pursue their dreams of becoming professionals by raising much needed scholarship funds. Partners in Education contribute to the EMAAN Scholarship Funds Account at the various sponsor levels:                                  
Platinum          $1000 and over
Gold                 $500 up to $999
Silver               $300 up to $499
Bronze             up to $300
These funds are utilized to sustain current Special Recognition Trophies and to acquire Trophies, Awards, and grant Scholarships for qualifying students. On average, 300 Academic and Special Recognition Awards and four $1,000 Scholarships are awarded. The scholarships are awarded to Top Academic Students and Students of the Year, to be used towards their post-secondary education. The surplus revenue is accumulated into bequest funds to sponsor goals such as the Umrah Award for the trip of a lifetime, for up to four recipients, to the holy cities of Mecca and Medina. Appointed presenters distribute these awards on behalf of sponsors. Sponsor names are announced during the event, printed in the program booklet, and displayed in a PowerPoint presentation.

Benefactors of EMAAN are donors who, through their generosity and on-going commitment, provide the resources necessary to prepare young students for their future careers across Canada. By contributing to this unique program, you help ensure that Muslim youth acquire skills vital to their knowledge, and develop future Community Leaders, Muslim scholars, teachers, scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs, and physicians. The financial leadership of benefactors acts as a source of inspiration for the entire Muslim community, and encourages many other sources of giving in the community.

EMAAN kindly requests your financial support for this year. EMAAN would be honored to partner with you. Continuing our partnership will provide an irreplaceable source of knowledge and inspiration for both the students and the Muslim community. In this segmented market, stand out as the sponsor that is committed to promoting education, and further enhance your image as a caring, community supporter.

If this opportunity meets your needs, please contact us through one of our event teams.
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Brothers; Sisters High School 13 - 18; University 19 – 25
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