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After-Shahada – Revert-Muslims Support Group

A support group and educational program for new Muslims
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MAC recognizes the need of the growing Muslim community.  As a result of this growth, Canadians of various walks of life and of many faith persuasions are accepting the priciples of the faith of Islam and adopting our community as their own.
In an effort to welcome them to our community, we are providing the After- Shahada support program. This is based on the premise that new Muslims require continued support and encouragement following their new commitment to Islam.  Rather than focusing on education only, this program is designed to create an outreach group to provide networking and a forum to share challenges and successes. As their confidence grows they will find their place within the larger Muslim community and hopefully become mentors to the next generation of new Muslims.
The program is composed of weekly or bi-weekly meetings that include a formal educational section – either a short talk or a discussion about on a theme of relevance to the lives of the members in the group -- which is then followed by an informal meet-and-greet networking session.
The program is run in either the masjid or the community center and is facilitated through a program coordinator who invites members to the group and help with the organization of the formal and informal sections of the meetings. An email list is generated for the group to help individuals connect with the new members of the group.
Support system for new Muslims that helps them navigate through their challenges and provides opportunities for integration within the larger community.
Established in Masjid Toronto in 2010.

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Brothers; Sisters High School 13 - 18; University 19 – 25; Adults 25+
New Muslim Support Group

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New Muslim Support and Study Group
New Muslim Support and Study Group
New Muslim Support and Study Group
New Muslim Support and Study Group
New Muslim Support and Study Group
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